_kitchenmugHello and Welcome.  This web-site is one version of me: my life as a writer.

I’ve been writing since I was thirteen years old but instead of scribbling words into a notebook I am typing words onto a screen. In the face of all advice in those ‘How to Write’ books, I am not a great notebook user. There are exceptions. To see a this post click at the end of this title:

Writing A Walk . apple-blossom-tree-branch-spring-67286

Read more about my early writing life and of my small successes here ABOUT.

Read the beginning of one of my short stories here SHOWCASE.

I firmly believe that a writer needs some support. Writing in a vacuum, for me anyway, is impossible.

To write I need 3 things: ideas, comments, encouragement to re-write.

About eight years ago I submitted work for a novel writing competition run by Spread the Word and I was fortunate enough to be a finalist. This involved reading my work to an audience, being interviewed on stage and receiving the comments of a writing panel. A prize indeed. The real prize-winner suggested we form a writing group which met every other month. Today we are a group of three writers, all very different people and all writing within different disciplines. Two of us write both long and short fiction. The third person concentrates on his novel. I also write memoir, or life-writing as it is now known.

The excerpt I first read aloud, in public, was to be re-written as a memoir: The Baby Box.

I have found the journey of deciding to write my story as a memoir rather than a novel interesting and rewarding. It seems this way has worked. Readers are telephoning, writing and emailing me with their comments and questions.

I’ve had two media interviews. Click on the link for one of them http://mironline.org/jane-hayward-discusses-her-debut-memoir-the-baby-box/


This week, I was part of the Chiswick Book Festival’s Authors’ Party, where, among nineteen other writers, I pitched my book. For 2 minutes. Now read my full pitch on my latest blog through this link here.

I have some books to sell directly from me. If you are happy to do this please see the page BUY THE BOOK which allows you to pay by Paypal.

Two books