_kitchenmugHello and Welcome.  This web-site is one version of me: my life as a writer.

Jane Hayward The Baby Box

I’ve been writing since I was thirteen years old but instead of scribbling words into a notebook I am typing words onto a screen. In the face of all advice in those ‘How to Write’ books, I am not a great notebook user. There are exceptions. To see a this post click at the end of this title:

Writing A Walk . apple-blossom-tree-branch-spring-67286

Read more about my early writing life and of my small successes here ABOUT.

Read the beginnings of two of my short stories here SHOWCASE.

I am a member of a writing group of three, which meets six times a year. We were all finalists in a Spread the Word novel writing competition of several years ago and are still working together. Two of us writes both long and short fiction. The third person, concentrating on his novel, was the winner of the competition.

I am also a member of a recently formed reading group. We have been reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman (pub. Harper Collins) and The Lesser Bohemians by Eimer McBride (pub Faber). We still have to meet to discuss.

Blogs in the order in which they appear on the POSTS page: click at end of title for the link.

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