A Writer’s Day

As a reader of the Saturday Guardian, I do miss the former, now demised, Review Section. My five minutes with Tim Lott were a tonic as were the many other sections of this publication. I understand re mounting costs but seems sad that various aspects of life are becomming thinner. Especially in the world of writing.

It occurred to me a piece on my day as a writer would be a small offering which might  fill the gap. This week, when the person living with me is off skiing, I am able to totally please myself as to what I do. Writer’s heaven.

When I first wake, often before 6am but always before 7, I indulge in a quiet think about where I am in my writing life and what I should achieve that day. As today is a Sunday, I must submit my final exercise for my How To Write a Novel course with the UnthankSchool.

But, I’ve had it impressed upon me, that I must improve my ‘online’ presence (for a forthcoming project, more of that later). I switch on my laptop, click the Firefox icon, then the link to my email box. One from the skier, one from another family member, none to do with writing. Well, it is Sunday. The twitter link brings more hope. Several tweets from unknown fellow writers and readers wishing me a happy birthday for yesterday and one from The Sunday Times who say they are now following me on Twitter. Immediately, I reverse my decision not to buy that paper today. Send a writing- connected tweet. Finally, I check my Unthank link just in case someone on the course posted work after I’d closed down yesterday. Nothing. Check again later.

Make a cup of tea and return to bed to write first half of course exercise. An hour later, I click ‘Save’ and get up. I always write better in bed. My mother was correct. (See Page, ABOUT)

Out to buy my newspaper and then to eat breakfast, in silence, with my reading glasses on my nose and the paper spread all over the table. Food always slows my brain. I check the TV listings in case I want to record anything. This flat has not joined whichever century we are in with ‘watch on demand.’

Eventually do complete the exercise and give myself a pat on the back. Not because I think it is done and dusted but it’s great to have written a possible ending for the novel.

After that things either move more speedily or the day is in decline, whichever is your point of view. Coffee while I listen to Desert Island Discs, turning the pages of the paper and thinking, no, no no… Put all papers in the recycling bin. A second coffee and a session ‘tidying up’ the hard drive on my recording box brings me back to my study where I print an email from Matador, the self-publishing publisher, and make a good resolution to open a file on this after lunch.

The heating has turned itself off. I warm up with a large sherry and turn on oven. With food in or on oven, I open a bottle of red wine. Eat and drink. Later, back to the TV to watch old stuff before I delete, a task which requires a second glass. Small snooze.

Tea wakes me up, getting me back to study. Re-run the social media routine and, on Unthank site, find work to comment on. Suddenly, it’s five o’clock and time for Paul O’Grady on BBC2. Create file. Give it a pat. Regard all the papers on the floor of my writing room and decide they can wait. As can creating a ‘must submit a short story’ list. It’s Sunday. Always on a Sunday, at six o’clock, we have a sherry.

Reading this over, I can understand why the Guardian scrapped those entertaining articles on a writer’s day. I won’t delete this though because now I can add to my list of achievments for today with the item ‘Published a new blog on my website.’

It’s dark. Time to draw the curtain.



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