On line publishing

For years I avoided this. For years I’ve been trying to publish the traditional way. I’ve had some successes but small ones. Seven draft novels sit in the cupboard and I keep typing.

But, in the end, the internet is irresistable and I have been seduced once before.

This week, I have a short story, born out of my memoir, published by The Mechanics Review, a publishing venture connected with Birkbeck College of the University of London. It is a matter of contacts and making use of them to, at least, publish something, somewhere. And where better than with a university. Now I come to think of it, I was published by my MA university, the University of Chichester. That was a poem, and while I am proud of it and appreciate ChiUni including it in the anthology, I would never claim to be a poet or aspire to be one.

I am about to finish the How to Write a Novel Course by The Unthank School and to embark on the self-publishing journey with my memoir.

For now I can say I am proud and happy to be published by mironline at mironline.org/jane-hayward/





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