Getting Professional

I have a letter printed in the Forum section of the current edition of the magazine Mslexia, a publication for writers and the writing world – of women.

This is the second time I’ve had a letter published in Mslexia but, this time, it is the first time my forthcoming memoir, to be published in March 2019, has been in print in public. Which means there is no going back!

For a completely different reason – to do with professional insurance – I’ve been checking the adverts and the articles in another publication: Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2018. And lo and behold (well it is the Christmas Season) I’ve found a section of 8 articles on self-publishing.

Yearbook (3)

As yes, reader, I have succombed to the once-called vanity of self publishing. The question of why is to be dealt with in the New Year as then I can marry the requirements of having a New Year’s resolution with the personal aim of having a new project to blog about. One, I hope, which will attract many, even hundreds, of new readers and followers. 

For now I will list the articles in the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook so if you have any wish to read them you can look out for a discounted copy of the Yearbook in a bookshop or, once 2019 has clocked in, better still, you’ll find a very inexpensive copy in a charity shop. The articles are:

Self-publishing for Beginners – Peter Finch; Self-publishing online – Harry Bingham; The do’s and dont’s of self-publishing – Alison Baverstock; What do self-publishing providers offer? – Jeremy Thompson; Vanity Publishing – Johnathon Clifford; Notes from a hybrid author – Nick Spalding; Making waves online – Simon Appleby.

All of which will either help me write my future blogs on this site or render them redundant.

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