The Start of the Journey towards Publication

At the weekend, I listened to Jeremy Thompson, Managing Director of Troubador Publishing, talking to @PaulTeagueUK about the 7th Self Publishing Conference to be held in Leicester on Saturday 27 April. As usual Jeremy was easy to listen to, informative and enthusiastic. I first heard about Troubador’s self publishing company, Matador, two or three years ago at the Chiswick Book Festival. Almost exactly a year ago, I travelled to Matador’s offices at Priory Business Park, Kibworth, to attend a day-long presentation on self publishing and how the Matador model works.

I was impressed. The time was used efficiently; the staff were helpful and knew their stuff; the other attendees interesting. One man, who had published before with Matador, was eager to repeat the experience. Another, asked if Matador would ‘just check his book over to see if there were any mistakes’ – the answer was a firm ‘No’. I was the only person who had obtained a first quote for the publication of their book. No one, apart from the guy who was working with them for a second time, had any idea of the cost of publishing their work, so, presumably, no idea of whether they could afford it or not. Amazing, I thought.

Matador are running their next ‘open’ day, The Self Publishing Experience, at their offices at Priory Business Park, Kibworth, Leicestershire, on Wednesday 15th May 2019. Begins at 10am (leave plenty of time to get to Kibworth, find the business park and then Troubador reception); ends at 4pm with a Matador bag and masses of information. If you are at all interested in self publishing, do go. You won’t regret it.

I have signed a contract with Matador. More details next blog.

One final word. I’ve said this on my previous blog but it’s worth repeating.

The Society of Authors vets and comments on publishing contracts. I am a member and enjoy their quarterly magazine as well as being very glad I’ve run a couple of contracts past them. One received the ‘no-no’ advice, with over 3 A4 pages of comments; the other received a ‘fine’ comment. If you do not wish to become a member of the society, or do not have the required amount of published work, you can still take advantage of their experience and advive  by buying the relevant Advice Notes for a set fee. See their website:

Troubador is at 

If you decide to publish your book with them, they will early, in the process, to complete an author questionnaire – after the contract has been signed.

More next week, including how to avoid the pitfalls of a manuscript disaster.


3 thoughts on “The Start of the Journey towards Publication

  1. judehayland says:

    I have published with Matador once and intend to use them again. They are the best, I feel – and don’t accept just anything so one is in secure, professional hands.
    The self-publishing conference in late April that they run is invaluable for indie writers – it’s a vibrant and stimulating day – I have been twice and am looking forward to my third visit this April.


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