Online publicity and Pod Casts

If this is a ‘Wednesday Post’ then it’s moved to Thursday. Blame either other aspects of family life taking over or inertia cos I seem to be stuck in commercial mode rather than creative mode.

However, if selling and posting copies of my memoir, The Baby Box, have come to a halt then the other side of self-publishing ie keeping in the public eye, has been fairly active.

After the mass mailing to journalists, newspapers and magazines carried out by my publisher Matador/Troubador, I given interviews for paper or online articles or as Podcasts. My own involvement in the creative writing wind of Birkbeck College, University of London, saw me meeting  Wendy Lothian, a free-lance journalist in the National Portrait Gallery Cafe to talk about The Baby Box. The resulting article, which appeared in the MIROnline website is still available to read.

But now a second hiatus as we move into Book Festival Season and I set up talks to reading groups.

This seeems the time to gather the modest success achieved, to make a record of the links to discussions online so I, and anyone else, doesn’t lose track of them.

Chiswickw4 magazine online

Radio Gorgeous Podcast:

and search for Monday 18 March 2019.


For some reason the link to the MIROnline article doesn’t work – or my search engines don’t like it – so copy and paste:  JaneHaywarddiscussesherdebutmemoir.  Then click on the result. It should work!

I’m chasing the results of an interview with The Chiswick Magazine with no success so far but that’s publishing for you!


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