Memoir or Novel?

You know the difference between a memoir and a novel but what about the difference between memoir and autobiography? Would you like to write your own story? Have you begun and are stuck?

How about joining a workshop on London’s South Bank?

You will be part of a group of five writers who will receive individual help. You will consider how to isolate that one incident which will fill your book. You will start to write your story either as a memoir or as a novel.

You will learn why good writing must be a ‘construct’ by reading first pages. You will draft your first page.

Forms of Memoir

After lunch we will talk about how you keep going. There’s a theory that sometimes it’s a good idea to start at the end of the story, to know where you’re going. Does that idea appeal to you? You will already be able to rough out the main steps of your story.

Those who would like to can share their ideas and get feedback. BUT it will always be acknowledged that it is not easy to write down memories, especially secrets, and no one will be pushed into giving them away.

Finally we will discuss how many of you would like to take this workshop further, either with more group work or with online sessions.

Me in 1968

My memoir The Baby Box has attracted many positive comments and questions from readers. I’d like to share my working methods with you.

When motherhood is tested, who gets to decide.

We will meet in the Royal Festival Hall coffee shop on Sunday 17 November. The day will start at 10am with a break at 12.30. We will continue from 1.30 until 3.30pm. Breaks for coffee or tea will be taken at appropriate points. Bring your own lunch or buy from one of the many cafes.

The South Bank

The fee levels for the day are:

£120 basic charge.

£110 for over 60s

2 Early Bird Bookings at £100.

The Baby Box will be available to you at half-price, £5.

If you’d like to contact me with any queries please message me using the box at the foot of this blog. How to book will follow soon.

My memoir in Waterstones

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