A Writer’s Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve had several emails telling me that new readers are following this blog. Which is fantastic but makes me guilty. For I’m aware that I haven’t been faithful to my promise to post a new blog page each Saturday.

OK, I’ve been away picking olives and when you’re on a treadmill to get those olives in before it rains (you can’t pick in the rain or when the olives are damp, as then the olives go mouldy) and you need a minimum weight to take the olives to the mill…


But I’ve been home for over a week so what happened to last Saturday? A glance at my day book shows I’d been setting up ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk (jahay121View jahay121’s profile) and etsy https://www.etsy.com (search StampsByChoice) accounts to sell a stamp collection and that the father of a friend is close to dying. So a worthy reason to be pre-occupied but I’ve also spent time which will prove to be a waste of time. That’s life.

It was an exciting week – I was shortlisted for the Henshaw Short Story Prize https://www.henshawpress.co.uk I didn’t win but, hey, I can add that to my writing CV. I’m waiting for results from 2 other competitions so keep checking websites hoping for another shortlisting.

I’m also keen to sell more copies of The Baby Box, through Amazon or any other outlet, to increase my royalities for the quarter ending at the end of December. I only get paid if the amount is £30 or more. Then there’s the contact I made at a publishing event earlier this month, who is considering my running workshops about memoir writing.

And I have finally started my re-write of the 1950s novel which I begun on my Creative Writing course. https://www.chi.ac.uk I call it the 1950’s novel, as that’s the era of the lead story, but several sections take the reader back to WWII so I’ve been checking up on my research.

In my spare time I keep up with twitter, facebook and email contacts, which has born fruit. I’m now in touch with a writer who is suggesting we join forces on publicity for our books, while I think we might also work together on promoting our teaching skills.

Too many irons in the fire, again? Some will think so. But it’s a change from the routine writing, essential for producing 2 or 3 new pages of the WIP each day, but often bringing a feeling of isolation.

It’s not Saturday today but next Saturday I’ll be travelling, with my husband, to spend the weekend with good friends. Normal life must go on. It’s where stories come from. It’s the writer’s job to fit the pieces together, to make them work together to form the complete picture.

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. judehayland says:

    My life is a frantic jigsaw puzzle so I identify with all of this – teaching, tutoring, writing, – as well as normal LIFE- i.e. feeding the cats, learning Modern Greek, adult ballet classes, friends, family, partner – the days are certainly not long enough!


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