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For just this week, I’m returning to the question of self-publishing as I had a friend of a friend ring me to discuss the experience of my publishing The Baby Box. I’m deliberately not going to confirm which publisher I used. You can discover that for yourself if you want to. These are the questions about taking that road which most people would ask.

Did I enjoy the experience? Yes. Undoubtable. The people I worked with were patient, encouraging and pleasant. No question was too much trouble. They responded quickly and were always there when I telephoned the company.

Did I sell any books directly through their website? No but I did sell through Amazon. Those arrangements cost money of course.

Did I have an ebook produced? Yes. And the royalties for the ebook are more than those for the paperback.  That also costs extra.

How does the money aspect work? With my publisher, they send the writer, on request, a book about all their services and the individual charges. The writer is left in no doubt. The finished manuscript is sent to the publisher who then confirms willingness to publish with the first invoice for Pre-publication and Printing. You pay; they do the work.

Does the writer get the proofs? Yes. First copy hard; subsequent copies online. Agreement to Print is given on hard copy via the post.

How many copies did I order? I went above the recommended number (the amount for an extra 200 was not that much). On reflection that was my first mistake. 300 copies would have been more than enough.

Any other advice? If there is one, go to the next open day. Listen to the questions other people ask. They can tell you a great deal. 

Finally? Think hard about the extras ie the marketing options. I bought a service I didn’t really benefit from but I’m not going to point the finger.

I like your cover. Ah. That was designed by a cover designer I knew. It did cost quite a bit more but she gave me plenty of choice both in design and colour scheme and I have no regrets. It attracted sales more than any advertising.

Would you do it again? Maybe.

 I don’t need to emphasise you must read and check the contract. If you’re not a member of The Society of Authors, it’s worth paying their charge to read the contract and advise you. I’ve seen some horrendous contracts. Above all, don’t give way your copyright.

If you’d like to buy a copy of my book, go to the page Buy the Book. I promise I won’t steal your money. All done through Paypal.

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