Places not People.

Still on holiday in Italy where, right now, it’s pouring with rain and the lavender is dancing. Since some of you will also soon be on holiday, if you are not already, you will be taking photos or videos of your happenings. In the dim and distance past, photos were called snaps. Black and white and sometimes a trifle fuzzy! The holiday snaps recorded on my lap top go back to 1957 when I was about ten years old.

Here I am with my father and two brothers, snapped by my mother in Scotland. The black and white photograph is stuck into an album I created myself with a scrapbook and fiddly little white corner pieces which were fitted to the corners of the snap and then stuck onto the soft, grey pages book of the scrapbook. I still have it.






The Nile






My favourite places for very different reasons. Copenhagen is active and bustling, The Nile is lazy.

Now for places in my writing. Much more interesting. In the Baby Box – A Memoir) (available from Amazon)I  became pregnant when I still at school. The school is still a school so no further info but here it is. I was sent to stay in a mother-and-baby home in west London. Here’s the very house.

Finally the church we were made to attend each Sunday much to the annoyance of my mother!

For a forthcoming collection of short stories, Tales of Dusty Death, as an inspiration for the cover, we took a couple of shots of Highgate Cemetery and one of a funeral cart on display in our local church here in Monte San Savino. This is not the image I’ve chosen – the stories are not all as gruesome as this. The book is scheduled to be published in October this year so watch this blog for news!


Right now, I’m working on a novel set in the 1950s which takes the reader to my grandmother’s house in Hill Street, Hastings, West Sussex. It is now a boutique bed and breakfast, most recommenable. The house is now called Swan House but it had no posh name back in those days. http://www.Swan House, Hastings.

But let’s get back to holidays. Here’s a cottage in the Dordogne where we have enjoyed many holidays with friends and here’s the house where we are staying now, alone until family join us. And then the cameras will be out again.

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