A Day of Rest

Sunday is no longer a universal day of rest. Back in 1994, John Major, the Prime Minister, brought in legislation to allow shopping and going to the cinema on a Sunday as well as following the normal weekend activities such as walking in the park or having tea with Granny. Which is one pleasure we aren’t at liberty to have right now.

Last Saturday I posted the final corrections for my book, a collection of short stories, marked up carefully on six pages of the current proof. I gave a huge sigh of relief and settled in for rest of the weekend. Which meant tidying my study ie doing nothing, reading a magazine here, an email there, maybe replacing books on shelves – you know exactly what I mean.

All there’s left to do on new book is to tidy up the back cover and we can move onto the print stage.

Until yesterday, when someone who knew more than me about the finer points on publishing, asked if I’d checked whether the image used on the front cover, downloaded from a sight offering images for ‘free’, might have certain conditions attached, such as a credit to the photographer for the original photograph. Here’s hoping they don’t charge a fee after all but I get the point that I should at least look into this.

So here I go again searching for the answer to another aspect of the publishing world.

Here’s one of the images considered for the book.

I’ll ask the Society of Authors. They are always helpful. http://www.societyofauthors.org

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