A New Publication

Tales of Dusty Death, a new collection of short stories, takes you travelling: France, Norway, Greece, Russia; as far away as South America and back at home. They illustrate the dilemmas of contemporary death and lead you into the realms of murder and magic realism.

The new arrival

‘Jane Hayward’s distinctive stories step unafraid into the big subjects of death and sex, built on gorgeous tiny details and infused by a strain of humour that is dark and mischievous. In their bursts of magic, the stories sometimes evoke Angela Carter comparisons. Elsewhere, the ordeals of several deadpan narrators call to mind the steely wit of Muriel Spark. An unflinching collection, written by a bold, skilful writer.’

David Swann, Author of The Privilege of Rain (Waterloo Press).

A Fish Out of Water

‘My husband sacrificed our love to his manly pursuits in the misty, green-mud countryside. His dawn trampings in the hills left me lonely in bed.’

Olive Grove

Old Skin and Cabbage

‘Richard is dead now.’  I feel strangely calm. My turn to smile. ‘I said I had something important to tell you but you must promise to keep it to yourself.’

The Dance

‘She whirls against him, faster and faster more frantic, and even more so, losing her breath, losing her very soul to the moment, letting herself being absorbed into his body, until, suddenly, it is and he lets her drop to the cold ground.’  

Edvard Munch

4 thoughts on “A New Publication

  1. Sibel says:

    Hello Jane!
    Congratulations on the publication of your new book! Great timing, too, with Halloween coming up this weekend.
    Where can we buy the new book?


    • janehaywardwriter says:

      Hello Sibel. How are you? Is it correct that you live in Ealing? You can buy the book from Troubador (quite a high postage cost) or we could meet for a coffee here (wearing masks of course!) I’ll make coffee and you can buy 1 or more books (as low-priced Xmas presents).


      • Sibel Roller says:

        Hi Jane,
        I would normally love to meet you for a coffee and a catch-up but with Covid-19 numbers rising exponentially at the moment, I’m avoiding indoor meetings and public transport. Maybe we can get together when the second wave drops down a bit?
        Meanwhile, I’m definitely buying your new book!


      • janehaywardwriter says:

        Morning Sibel.

        Fair enough. I hear we’re likely to be in lock-down next week. It seems that Boris makes announcements on Monday to take effect from Wednesday.

        So by all means buy through Amazon. That way I’ll get a review (from you I hope!)
        and once you’ve read it you’ll be wanting to give it to all your reading friends for Xmas.

        1 book is £10 + £2 for p&p = £12.
        2 books can be posted for the price of 1.

        Most economical Xmas present! Cheers, Jane


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