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The Baby Box

The Baby Box is my true story, kept secret for 50 years.

My mother simply wanted an obediant daughter who would skip the teenage years; jumping from an innocent child to a virgin bride. No matter how I looked at it, my mother and I were at war.

With 5* Reviews on Amazon, this book has generated interesting discussions and comments – both from women and men. 

Jane Haywward The Baby Box

‘A true story of teenage pregnancy in the mid-sixties, this is a compelling read and I finished it within a few days. It’s beautifully written and paints a vivid picture of teenage life in London. I thoroughly recommen this book.’
SAM DOUNIS, reader

‘I was awake well past 1am this morning finishing The Baby Box. I want to congratulate you on your book which truly moved me. We worked together in the Unthank Workshop so in a sense I was reading about something monumental that happened to someone I ‘knew’, however briefly. It was beautifully written and painfully honest. I shall be recommending it to anyone who wants to understand how our society has thankfully moved on from some of the less attractive aspects of the 1960’s.’   Fellow writer.

‘Unflinchingly honest…an intimate portrait of a mother’s rejection  of her teenage daughter. A story about loss and love, guilt and regret, and the ultimte need for forgiveness.’
KAREN STEVENS, Lecturer in Creative Writing

‘A fascinating insight into a very different time…when the upwardly mobile cared more about their reputation…than their kith and kin…a heart breaking story but ultimately a life-affirming tale of survival and compassion…’  Lyn Fegan  Writer and hotelier.

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Tales of Dusty Death

Tales of Dusty Death is a collection of short stories for grown-ups. The stories take the reader travelling: France, Norway, Greece, Russia, as far away as South America and then back home. They illustrate the dilemmas of contemporary death and lead you into the realms of murder and magic realism.

The writer Dave Swan said, ‘Jane Hayward’s distinctive stories step unafraid into the big subjects of death and sex…the stories sometimes evoke Angela Carter…or call to mind the steely wit of Muriel Spark.’

Short stories are not generally popular in the UK, they are far wider read in the USA. This book cannot be bought as an ebook. Short stories need to be savoured, not rushed through in a railway carriage.

From one of my favourite stories, Old Skin and Cabbage : ‘Richard is dead now.’ I feel strangely calm. My turn to smile. ‘I said I had something important to tell you but you must promise to keep it to yourself.’

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