I will not be able to post  copies of The Baby Box from Thursday 8 August until Monday 9  September. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER AND PAY FOR A BOOK UNLESS YOU ARE HAPPY TO WAIT FOR DELIVERY. You can obtain the book from Amazon in either paperback or ebook form. Thank you.

Memoir and Memory

I’m organising my papers – newspapers, downloaded articles, book and film reviews – you know the kind of things. A year later, or even a couple of months later, that article we ripped out of a magazine or downloaded and printed, doesn’t seem quite as interesting as we thought it was and what with the … Continue reading Memoir and Memory

A Wednesday Post

I thought I'd post a 'writing quickie' in the middle of the week. The Baby Box has been selling well but the market is slowing down. Which is a media phrase for 'need to make a bit more effort'. I've had many encouraging reviews but this one, sent by a writer colleague, is particularly welcoming. … Continue reading A Wednesday Post