Memoir and Memory

I’m organising my papers – newspapers, downloaded articles, book and film reviews – you know the kind of things. A year later, or even a couple of months later, that article we ripped out of a magazine or downloaded and printed, doesn’t seem quite as interesting as we thought it was and what with the … Continue reading Memoir and Memory

A Wednesday Post

I thought I'd post a 'writing quickie' in the middle of the week. The Baby Box has been selling well but the market is slowing down. Which is a media phrase for 'need to make a bit more effort'. I've had many encouraging reviews but this one, sent by a writer colleague, is particularly welcoming. … Continue reading A Wednesday Post

The Baby Box a Memoir: Was I an only child?

My memoir The Baby Box was officially published yesterday. However, the book has been available since the end of January and I've been enjoying a busy time selling copies. Therefore I've already received emails, cards and telephone calls from readers with their, always encouraging, comments. Two questions about the book have repeatedly been asked: the … Continue reading The Baby Box a Memoir: Was I an only child?